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The Family Type Filter is a plugin for Revit 2013 to 2015. I developed it to help my coworker and I, but here it is, uploaded for you for free! It works just like the Category Filter, but with Family Types. No longer do you have to select all family types visible in a scene just to select the types you want. This is an unfinished plugin, there’s no Apply/ReApply functionality, and what you see is all you get – but it does work. Known bug: it will mistaken two different families if their types share the same name. Feel free to contact me if you find any new bugs.


Family Type Filter

6 thoughts on “Revit Type Filter Plugin

  1. Ramon Gondim

    Hi Christian,
    My name is Ramón Gondim. I’m a civil engineering student from Brazil. I’m writing here because i didn’t find any contact link in your page.

    I saw your response at a post in scripspot about a XML TimeLine Importer/Exporter Script from Navisworks to 3Ds Max, that you are developing yourself this plugin.
    I’m very interested in developing this plugin myself also, but frankly i have no idea where to start.
    I have some expertise in revit, navisworks, none in 3dsmax( I’m currently learning) . I programm in c++, java, but no c# ( i guess i can learn it easily though)

    I’m here to ask if you could give me a kickstart in how to develop:
    -a plugin in autodesk software ( I’m aware of the APIguide from autodesk. Should I use that as my source book/material? ) and then
    – this plugin specifically ( XML timeline import/export from Navisworks to 3Dsmax.

    Also, after you finish your plugin could you share it?

    I’m asking all this because i want in my graduation thesis ( i don’t know how you call it in your homeland) to extend my previous work in revit + navisworks in creating 4d Models. I ensure you that it is only for educational purpose and if you request i will not copy any content. I just want to learn how to do it and a reverse engineering process is a fast method to go.

    Thank you for any help you can provide. Probably i can’t express myself with plenitude in english because it is not my mother language, but any help in that matter would be of great assistance and I would be very glad for it.

    Ramón Gondim

    1. Chris Post author

      Sorry for the late reply. The plugins are in development, but I’ve made good progress even though I don’t work on it all the time. I intend to sell the work when I’m done. We should talk sometime on Skype.

  2. Todd Sutton


    I am also interested in your Navisworks Plugins and work like to discuss with you on Skype.


    I talked to Nicholas Broadbent about his plugin, but is was not willing share or sell his plugin.
    My initial goal was to create a quick workflow to use in Unity for virtual reality.

    1. Chris Post author

      That project is a combination of plugins for Navisworks and scripts for Max. The Timeliner plugin isn’t ready, and I havn’t worked on it in a while. The set exporting plugin and importing script are ready though. I just haven’t posted about it yet. You can find me on Skype by searching my name.


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