NaviSet Transfer Available for AEC Suite 2020

I’ve updated the plugin to support Navisworks 2020. Existing users: run the plugin you have installed. An update button will appear with a link to the new package. Prospective users: to buy, click on the Shop link in the menu above.

This update also provides a bugfix – an unnecessary conditional statement that prevented exports of explicit selections and searches in the timeliner was removed.

6 thoughts on “NaviSet Transfer Available for AEC Suite 2020

  1. James Clarke

    Is this still limited to Revit only workflows? I would love to explore workarounds for getting timeliner animations of non-Revit models working in a more automated fashion. Shoot me an email if you’re open to discussing!

    1. Chris Post author

      Yep it’s still limited to Revit. That’s because it uses Revit ID numbers. Support for other model formats like IFC will depend on whether or not its objects are consistently numbered. I’m content leaving it as it is, though perhaps I could release the source code… maybe someone else can improve it.

  2. Yahia Omer

    Hi, I am trying to purchase the script but gives me an error is there another way?
    another question did you try to export the animation from 3ds max to lumion ? is it work fine ?

    1. Chris Post author

      Yeah, I didn’t set it up right. Just use the Paypal link for now.

      I don’t have Lumion, so I wasn’t able to test with it.


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