New Payment Processor & Spam Mitigation

I have replaced the old Paypal page and homespun download-email script with a professional eCommerce system and payment processor. Now, if you buy the plugin (or anything), the site itself will seamlessly deliver your digital download.
If you would like to pay with Paypal, you still can. The old purchasing page will keep its Paypal button until I add that option to the new system. Afterwards I’ll remove it and disable the script but retain the page and its comments for record’s sake.

Regarding spam, I’ve re-enabled comment capability but now with reCaptcha. Akismet comes with WordPress software, but it is not free for commercial use. My API key expired when they tied it to account possession and changed the terms. Soon after the site was flooded with spam and I had to disable comments for a while. Visibility is set to approved-only, so you didn’t see any of it, but it still required me to manually sort through it all in order to fish out comments from real visitors.
There’s a few that I see now that I don’t remember ever responding to, so if you asked for help with the plugin and never got a response I’m sorry. I’ll be sending a few emails out to those who haven’t been assisted yet. Anyone I’ve missed are welcome to post a new comment.
I will also be using your customer service requests to build a FAQ page. That should hopefully satisfy the more common questions.

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