Future Plans

NaviSet Transfer will be updated to support 2020 – it is an easy process, I just haven’t made time to do it yet. There are a couple bugs I want to fix, but no show-stoppers.

There will also be a new tutorial video. It’s about half complete, but that work was done almost a year ago… it still needs to be finished, so I’ll take care of it. It’ll come with the next release.

Akismet lapsed somehow so spam comments are out of control. You don’t see them because they require approval, but I’m currently dealing with 1200 comments… most undoubtedly spam. Unfortunately, the anti-spam service appears to be subscription based now – at least for anything not purely personal. I will have to find alternatives before I can turn comments back on.

For now, if you need help with the plugin, just send an message to the email account that sends you a link to the plugin. If you can’t find that in your records, you can also use the email given in the About window of the NaviSet Transfer Plugin.

The site itself will be bifurcated at some point to better separate my art from the plugin work… but as you can see I’m not in a rush.

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