Monthly Archives: January 2018

NaviSet Transfer 1.2.6 Available

The new update is now online. Current users will see an Update Available button appear when running earlier versions of the NaviSet Transfer plugin. Click that button to update.

  • Timeliner Export:
    • Fixed bug that would cause Navisworks to crash when leaving planned task dates empty and attempting to export.
    • Added support for Actual task dates – if both Planned and Actual times exist, Actual task dates take priority.
  • TimelinerSet maxscript: No-longer uses the Arnold-specific Mix Shader by default in Max 2018. Though Arnold is the best renderer included with that version, and the Arnold-specific shader is faster to process when using Arnold, many people use third party renderers. When it doesn’t work, they don’t realize why. To play it safe, the default is the one that works with most renderers – the old Blend material.