Update on NaviSet Export 1.2.5 and Associated Scripts (1.1)

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

TimelinerSet MaxScript (version 1.1.1709xx)

  1. Implemented a visibility workaround for Arnold and other such renderers that don’t respect the visibility controller. It scales objects to and from 0 within a fraction of a second with no discernible motion blur (Scale Fallback).
  2. Added the option to use the Arnold materials for task colors.
  3. All objects move in the correct direction regardless of their local coordinate system.
  4. Reorganized and Improved GUI to follow expanded functionality.
  5. The Clear Existing Keys button has been improved to work in all cases, not just straight construction tasks.

NaviSetImport MaxScript (version 1.1.1709xx)

  1. Now creates a set called “User Managed Objects” allowing the user to pick which things he wants the script to ignore when resetting to tweak the animation settings.
  2. The import cancel button works properly now.
  3. Allows the user to change the file references seen in the *.dat file upon import. If the file name of your models ever change in your project at some point, you can still import sets generated from them.
  4. Fixed the empty set problem. The export plugin would create an empty set if the entirety of that set were from non-Revit models. NaviSetImport now knows how to handle these, though as you’ll read below, the new plugin won’t create them anymore either.

NaviSet Transfer Navisworks Plugin (version

  1. No longer writes empty sets in the exported *.dat file.
  2. It now exports¬†timeline tasks as sets automatically. You no-longer have to create the selection sets yourself with the Timeliner’s Exports to Sets button. Naviswork’s function didn’t work all the time and it was a hassle to use for this purpose. I consider this the most important improvement of the update so far, next to the massive speed improvement from the previous update.

There’s more, but they’re little things that only matter to me (like the method for avoiding duplicate ID entries has been vastly improved to support the Timeliner task set export, the recursive ID scanning method has been simplified a bit, etc.

I’m an amateur programmer – it’s not my job description, so I’m thankful for your patience. This version will be out as soon as I check it for new bugs, write the new documentation, and create new tutorials.

2 thoughts on “Update on NaviSet Export 1.2.5 and Associated Scripts (1.1)

  1. bill wilkins

    my timeliner is coming into 3dsmax perfectly but when i run the animation in max, it starts with the complete view of the entire model and while it runs, i see the selection sets activating, keys are there, but the action is completely blocked by the initial entire view.
    what am i doing wrong?

    1. Chris Post author

      Sorry for the late reply! For the quickest response, please email either my outlook.com or support addresses. I’ve sent you an email on this now. Again sorry!


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