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3DSMax Script: Architectural Materials to Standard

– or “How to get Revit models into Blender with their materials.”

This is an old script I made two years ago and sort of forgot about. At the time I had just bought Unity, and I was having trouble getting Revit models into it with their materials. So I made the script to turn all the materials to Standard Mats, which I had assumed to be the problem. The problem was that I was over-complicating issues and it turned out Unity supported Revits materials already. At that point I simply forgot about the script as it was forever useless to me.

Now, I’ve been looking for a way to get Revit models into Blender. I like Blender more than I do Max, (though, obviously I can use both). Although Blender exports FBX files beautifully, the terms of the FBX SDK means Blender will likely never have a legitimate FBX Importer.

There are unofficial builds of Blender that have this capability, though not without hickups. Since I am likely to keep Max in my toolset going forward, my workaround is satisfactory.

After running this script, all of your materials will be made Standard, and then you can export an OBJ. It may lose color, and it WILL lose texture, but its better than the alternative (without this the OBJ export will just have one blank oddly-named material). Once brought into Blender you can use the material names (and sometimes the color works) to reapply the textures and shading.