NaviSet Transfer: Non-English Bug Progress

The bulk of the work was done tonight.

You know those tabs in your Property window? They have different names depending on the language your software’s running. The file itself can also be a factor, as you might have noticed if you’ve ever attached a Revit exported NWC file saved while Revit is running a different language. Individual properties also work this way.

These properties sit within a list array, but I couldn’t use their numbers because they’re in a different place depending on factors I don’t understand yet. For instance, Element ID is not just the 5th tab from the left. In the file, it’s literally [4], starting from 0, making it the 5th entry. But sometimes it’s not the 5th. Meaning that using this number won’t always work. Thus, I chose to search for the DisplayName string instead.

As of tonight, instead of just looking for English words, the code also looks for French words. This was trickier than expected because I had to account for mixed language cases caused by mixed files and software, but I figured it out.

The bug will be completely fixed soon. It’s just a matter of installing different language packs, experimenting, and entering strings. Once I have all of them entered I’ll put the plugin back up for download.

Plugin Taken Down Temporarily

The plugin does not work with the non-English versions of the Autodesk Suite. I knew about the problem and posted about it.

Over time, that post was buried, and a few people from outside of the US bought the plugin and were unable to use it. Some of them have received refunds… I really shouldn’t have put fixing that off.

If you’re one of the people outside of the US and UK who’ve had trouble with the plugin, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’ll issue a full refund to those who request it.

Little Things

I’m currently hunting down little issues and patching them up before the next release. The plugin works perfectly under perfect circumstances, but where it went wrong was in the handling of imperfect scenarios- how it handled non-Revit files for instance.

Unless it’s from a Revit or NWC file elements won’t get recorded. If the entire set is from these non-compatible files, it’s simply left empty. This can be a problem for the unsuspecting user, so I’ve added a message box to alert them when it happens.

I should be done looking for problems like this by tomorrow night. After that I’ll improve the documentation and release the new version of the plugin.

Current Developments

Wow it’s been over half a year since my last update. It’s also been several months since I replied to any posts made here.

I didn’t usually get many posts, so I wasn’t expect them, and WP wasn’t notifying me that they were being made. I respond to purchases because Paypal has a problem forwarding people, but no problem alerting me. Therefore I sent links manually, but didn’t see the posts here, including posts from those who needed help!

So first, I must apologize for not responding to your posts until now. Though I’ll be more attentive to the site going forward, I suggest that you send any questions to my email address, which you’ll receive when I respond to a purchase with the download link.

As for new plugin updates, this is what I have so far: NaviSet Export and Timeliner Export are now unified into one plugin, NaviSet Transfer, complete with it’s own custom tab.

I plan to make a few more additional improvements before uploading it. I just want you all to know that I didn’t forget about you or the plugin.

NaviSetTransfer available for Max and Navisworks 2017

2017 NaviSet plugins are available now. If you lost your download link just send me an email and I can get that to you. Future versions will handle updates internally.

Also, the TimelinerSet script will no-longer delete your camera keys when you click the “Clear Existing Keys” button. I figured that was a bit annoying and that people just wanted to clear their building animation keys.

New Timeliner Import Script

I’ve completed a new import script for the NaviSet Transfer plugin package. It now supports task colorization along with a selection of animation presets. I’m currently creating a new animation to demonstrate these features, but you can buy the plugin now with the update.

Also included with the update is a new Quick Start help document, which should get you on your way to producing construction timeline sequences in 3DS Max.

Additionally, on a request basis, I can provide a French version of the software. Later this will be included in the installation package.

NaviSet Transfer – Multi Language Support

A user from France is having an issue getting his copy to work. It turns out that it has to do with the language selected for his copy of Navisworks. My plugin searches for category and property names with a string because the number of the actual property can be different depending on the object. It works swimmingly for me, but this means that in versions where the string is different, it won’t work at all.

The good news is that this is easy to fix. I could use Google to figure out the various language translations of the strings in question, or I could install the different versions myself. The former is easy to do, but I could get it wrong with nothing to test it against but you guys. The latter is more time consuming (and space consuming), and I’d rather not do it.English Item

So, instead I’d like to ask you guys, foreign language users of NaviSet Transfer who have had English Element IDtrouble with the software but haven’t spoken up yet: can you email me screenshots of a couple property tabs?

I need images of two tabs (after you select something): “Element ID” and “Item”. Here’s an example with my English copy of Navisworks:

If you can supply to me the screenshots, I’ll add it to the program to give your language support. It’ll be really simple: I just have to change a few strings the program and it’ll work from then on.

Thanks in advance for your help!