NaviSet Transfer Install Wizard Release

NaviSet Transfer now has a setup wizard! It should make it easier for users to install and update the plugins. Also, I’ve made an icon for the Timeliner Export plugin and put that plugin in the zip file with NaviSet Export. Setup will install both and you won’t have to do any manual plugin installing on your own anymore.


NaviSet Transfer New Years Release

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Years. I know it’s been a productive one for me. Over the winter break, I added a new feature to the NaviSet Transfer plugin.

You can now export an XML file containing all of your selection sets provided they belong to a Revit file. This can be handy because Navisworks only exports XML files of search sets natively. It works exactly how you might imagine it to:

You run the plugin just as you did before, but this time you click the checkbox “Also create Set XML”, and it will produce an XML file that you can import into Navisworks later, just as you would a search set XML file.



A possible downside is that especially large imported sets could take a while to select because when they’re brought in, they’re treated like search sets (by searching for each individual object by ID number). But this can be mitigated by saving them as selection sets again after they’re selected.

The update is available now for new users and also in the link provided to you by Paypal when you purchased the plugin. If you’ve lost it and I haven’t emailed you about the release yet, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below.

Old Man


This is what happens when I have time to draw… obviously I wish I had more time. Or at least a job where something like this might be useful.

Copy Protection and More

I’m working on basic copy protection for Naviset Export, but don’t worry, the next update won’t be just that.

In addition to that, I’m planning to move away from Paypal payments, and I will also make some interface improvements and I’m thinking of making an installer.

NaviSet Transfer 2016

I have re-compiled the plugins for Navisworks 2016, and verified that the scripts function in 3ds Max 2016. To download your update, revisit the download page given in the post-purchase link. If you lost it, email me using the contact information I provided with the old plugins.

NaviSet Transfer Update

Minor/Major bug fixed. Owners can visit the download page to get it.

It was kinda dumb… basically the progress bar was getting overloaded on occasion. If you don’t want that, please update. I’ve tested this one a bit more and everything should be fine now.

New NaviSet Transfer Updates

The NaviSet Transfer plugin for Navisworks has been updated, correcting a set recording issue that I missed back in March.

The Timeliner Import/Export plugin and script is also now available to users, with basic support for the default Navisworks timeliner task types.

NaviSet Transfer

It’s done!…

Well, the important part anyway. I’m still working on the Timeliner plugin. You can animate construction sequences in Max without it though. Just remember to open the Timeliner tab and click “Export to Sets” before running NaviSet Transfer. After that, it’s just a matter of making your Timeliner based sets show up (or disappear) in the order that they’re supposed to.

The tool is best suited for people with intermediate experience using 3D Studio Max and Navisworks. In Max, you will want to know how to set animation keys, use the renderer, and run scripts. In Navisworks, you will want to know how to work with Revit files, create sets, and use the Timeliner.

Bound WIP Report 1

This report is actually a month old, but I’m resuming work on it so I figured I’d go ahead and talk about it.

Since completing Breakspace a while back, I’ve felt kinda blue about game development. I had fun making it, but the game itself was kinda boring and not very popular. I thought I’d have better luck making something I’d like to play. I enjoyed Mario 64 a lot, so I decided to make a 3D platformer, but with the player in the role of the monster instead of the hero.

I had quite a few false starts. Here they are in order: