3DSMax Script: Architectural Materials to Standard 2

I’ve updated the material converter script. The old script was made in April 2011, and supported the Architectural materials that existed then. But as development of Revit and Max continued, new material types were added, and the script didn’t know how to account for those. So you would have situations where if you use something like a painted metal, the script wouldn’t do anything to it, and on export to Blender it would be one of the unnamed mystery materials that we wanted to avoid in the first place.

Download materialconvert18.ms

This script will not try to account for every material type. Instead, regardless of material, it will apply Standard and give a random color. Like the previous script, it will generate multiple materials with the same name but different colors. This error will be fixed upon OBJ export from Max, so if you just want to standardize your materials, export and import the OBJ after running the script.

If you want to bring the model into Blender, even though Blender now supports FBX – export to OBJ anyway. Like Max, FBX supports multiple materials with the same name and different colors. OBJ does not, and will combine all the multiples.

converted model screenshot

A model converted from Revit to Max to Blender. Notice that there are no duplicate materials.

I’ll see about fixing that moving forward. Until then, the workflow is unchanged, and you have a slightly better script.

That workflow is:

  • Export from Revit to FBX
  • Import FBX to 3DSMax
  • Drag and drop script onto scene, this will automatically run the script
  • Export from Max to OBJ
  • Import OBJ to Blender

5 thoughts on “3DSMax Script: Architectural Materials to Standard 2

    1. Chris Post author

      The plugin is in development, but I have a full time job so I don’t work on it all the time. I’ll sell it when I’m done.

      1. basel

        hi ı am sorry to write here but ı coudnt fınd another way to connect wıth you..
        ı am searching for the xyz point reduce and converter.. ı try to download ıt from the lınk you wrote on blenderartısts but ı couldnt fınd ıt.. any help please ı need ıt so much..

        thank you


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